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The ATV Backpacker cart was designed around the standard steel tubular rack on most ATV's.  Times change and if you don"t have a rack similar to that pictured above, there are options.
The pictures below show a 2024 Honda Foreman with the new style rack that has metal plates between the tubes.  For the cart hangars to work you can add a rear metal basket as shown in the next photo.  That one is made by Strong Made Accessories but there are many on the market.  It just needs to be sturdy enough to take the weight of the cart.
Polaris offers a rear rack extender also pictured.
Side by sides typically have a tailgate of some sort that the cart can clip onto.  Some tailgates are sturdy enough for the cart"s weight but if not then adding a couple straps helps.

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2024 Honda Foreman
Rear rack
Polaris rear rack extender.jpg
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